I believe that the most effective tutoring occurs face-to-face, not over the internet.  When a student and teacher confront a challenging task in person – an essay or chapter summary, perhaps – the collaboration is more efficient and more rewarding; the student feels free to ask questions, and the teacher is able to pick up on the student’s subtle cues of distress, uncertainty, inspiration, and understanding.

The result of this combined effort is not merely a completed assignment, but the pride of knowing that such an obstacle can be surmounted in the future.  My goal is to help you no longer need me, to feel confident enough on your own to tackle academic tasks with grit and self-assurance.


  • Test preparation
    • SAT in Reading, Writing and Language, SAT Essay
    • ACT in English, Reading, Writing
    • AP English Literature and Composition
    • AP English Language and Composition
  • College application and scholarship essays
  • Essays for all academic subjects
  • MLA and APA formatting
  • Literary analysis and interpretation
  • Résumés and personal statements
  • Speech writing, preparation, and delivery
  • Note taking and summarizing
  • Reading comprehension
  • Vocabulary growth
  • Study skills, organization, and time management


As a certified English teacher who holds an advanced degree in my subject area, I maintain an earnest reverence for the learning process and the status of professional educators.  I teach even when I am not in the classroom.  Therefore, I will not compromise the integrity of my professional identity by participating in any behavior that could be construed as cheating or as academic misconduct.

Instances of such acts include – but are not limited to – the following: simply editing a student’s work as if I had written it myself (i.e. “please find the mistakes and correct them so that I can get a better grade”), creating a written product and providing it to the student to submit to his/her teacher as if it were his/her own, and remaining silent if I sense that any portion of a student’s work has been enhanced by plagiarized content.