Satisfied Clients

Mr. Bishop was not only the most personable teacher, but also the most dedicated.  There was not a day that I didn’t see him that he wouldn’t take time out of his busy schedule to ask about me about my day.  His was always the first car in the parking lot and the last to leave.  He poured everything he had into his students.  My son was a privileged recipient of that. Our students are better students and more compassionate people because of him.

– Stephanie S.

Thank you for the impact you have had on my life.  The first thing that I learned from you, perhaps the most impactful, was the way that you communicated with our students and other faculty.  I learned how important it is to speak honestly and openly. I have continued the “one word” journaling still to this day.

– Brandon S.

Eric was fortunate to have Mr. Bishop as an honors English teacher in high school.  Brian Bishop had the reputation of being the best teacher in a very large high school.  We soon found out why.  The students highly respected him as a professional and he was able to raise them to a higher level academically by challenging their English and writing skills.  Mr. Bishop’s passion for English was contagious.

Mr. Bishop later tutored Eric for the English portion of the ACT.  Over several sessions, he reviewed the English section from the first ACT test my son took.  Upon retaking the test after his junior year, Eric’s  ACT score increased by 6 points!  We attribute the significant improvement to the tutoring.

– Andrea N.

Brian Bishop was my child’s 10th grade Language Arts Teacher. As I read the first email I received for the upcoming academic year, I surmised that this was no ordinary teacher. The introduction letter was thoroughly composed and thoughtful, and I knew this was a person who loved their vocation and the English language.  At curriculum night, the class was explained in great detail, and parents’ questions were answered with the utmost consideration. I myself am a writer, and Brian even suggested some reading material for my own use. His love of learning throughout life is evident. He has my continued respect and I can unequivocally recommend his professional skills as a tutor and mentor.

– Peggy B. 

Brian Bishop worked with my daughter to help her prepare for the ACT.  With his help, she became more confident in the Reading Comprehension and English sections.  She also developed some great test taking skills that helped her on the exam and will help her in future courses.  I would strongly recommend him as a tutor.

– Ann S.

Our family has been fortunate to have Mr. Bishop work with two of our children.  Our daughter had Mr. Bishop as a teacher for 3 different English classes and he tutored her individually for ACT prep.  She improved her speaking, vocabulary and reading comprehension.  Most importantly, she gained more confidence as a writer.  Our son too improved the expanse of his vocabulary through a class he had with Mr. Bishop and it was his favorite class.  Both would say that Mr. Bishop was their most compassionate and committed teacher in high school.

– Dawn H.