Whether you are a small-business owner creating web content, a time-crunched executive composing a critical report, or a homeowners’ association president drafting a sensitively-worded letter, the assistance of an experienced collaborator can prove beneficial.  Doubt regarding language-use is an obstacle that can lower one’s confidence, hinder a project’s momentum, and limit a business’ financial success.  I can work with you to eliminate uncertainty about the content that you are creating, the style with which it is composed, and the manner in which it is presented.


  • Document editing for length, audience, tone, and/or purpose
  • Analysis of website content and print documents
    • Proofreading
    • Punctuation use (accuracy and variety)
    • Word omissions
    • Redundancies
    • Textual inconsistencies
    • Variety in sentence length and sentence structure
    • Vocabulary use (applicability and sophistication)
    • Consistency in tone and style
    • Incorporation of parallel structure
    • Paragraph development and sequencing
    • Integration of images and graphics
  • Guidance with written correspondence (personal and professional)
  • Creation of summaries
  • Speech writing, preparation, and delivery
  • Research support
  • Voiceovers and audio narration